Osaliki Sepúlveda
A storyteller.
Creative Director.
Film Producer.
Passionate about crafting experiences that touches the soul, while telling compelling stories that challenges the mind.

Osaliki also runs a production company that provides production services in the US and the Dominican Republic. Under this brand, he has produced films such as If, a short film by Franny Del Orbe, and Just in Time, a movie by Arturo Mojica. He has also produced documentaries such as Gagá

Since his pre-adolescent years living in his native country’s outskirts, Osaliki developed a fascination for his rich culture and its many dimensions, which captivated his interest and took on his path to become a cultural ambassador. What started as contemplation and curiosity soon became his life’s work.    

Osaliki Sepúlveda is a multidisciplinary artist, a film producer, film director, a cultural worker, a dancer, and a choreographer, with over 15 years in the industry, producing films, live television, and stage performances for various US and Latin American markets.

Mr. Sepúlveda is the founder and director of Collectives for Arts Music & Dance, a cultural organization dedicated to researching and promoting authentic Dominican traditions, cultural values, and artistic expressions.

The organization also serves as a home to the Dominican Dance Squad. This dance team trains young Dominicans in traditional and popular dance techniques and educates them in Dominican culture and traditions, for stage performances that uplift Dominican pride across the US. 


I am creative

Like any other artist, I have a process to creating my pieces, and it works.!


I am business men

Art is a business that demands as much discipline as any other serious business. My approach is passion, respect and dedication for what I do. It has taken me this far.!


I am sarcastic

In an effort to compensate for my lack of humor, I exploit the sarcastic in me.


I am hungry

I’m always hungry, literally, and I take every film and video project with the strength that only hunger can provide.!

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