Andre Veloz, Bachata is not only for boys

In Spanish there is a saying: ‘De musicos, poetas y locos todos tenemos un poco.’ This translates into something like: ‘We are all part musician and poet and just a little bit crazy.’ In my case, I believe I was blessed with an extra tablespoon of those three ingredients.”  Andre Veloz

I met Andre Velóz in 2009, when I was working for the Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture. While working on the programming for the event “Bachata on my Mind”.

It was instant click. We developed a special bond from day one, and little we knew it would take us this far.

Today, Andre and I have collaborated on a series of music videos and performing events, where in occasions I serve as her back up dancers for shows…

A singer, songwriter, painter and actor. She pursues each of these art forms with equal command – one might say abandon. She is an extraordinary vocalist who takes to the stage as if she owns it and, from the very first note, connects with the audience as if to say: “Come with me; let’s let it all out together.” Her name is Andre Velóz, and her surname (English translation: “fast”) bespeaks the daring of a woman who has plunged headlong into the male-dominated world of Dominican bachata, making no excuses and begging no quarter.  Her oh-so-soulful voice – pure, sonorous and effortless – is tailor-made for this genre, popularly known as the “Dominican Blues.” That voice is at once plaintiff and sure, the hallmark of bluesy music everywhere; it says: “Yes, it hurts, but I will survive.”

Check her website for more detail: Andre Velóz